What’s to be done ? 

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Usually, the start up of an installation is done by the end of the subcontractor mission, so when he worn out all or almost all its time and credit as contracted with the customer. That’s why, most of the time, the startup phase is reduced as far as he can.

We can provide and warranty a good start up and a good fine tuning because :

  • We are completely independent from sub-contractors and, in this way, highlight malfunctions when occur.
  • We use to do this kind of job for a dozen of years.
  • We already demonstrated several times than settings and fine tunings on brand new or existing installations are not perfect at all.

What happen when lack of tuning occur

A lack of tuning drives to at least one of the following deficiencies :

  • Malfunctions shorting the equipments life.
  • Lack of maximal power of the installation.
  • Lack of steadiness of the installation’s regulation.
  • Lack of global performance and moreover, an expected global efficiency not achieved.
  • A boiler room not tuned properly often lose 10% efficiency.
  • A compressed air room can easily double its electricity consumption by lack of tuning.
  • A cooling installation can lose easily 15 to 20% of its global efficiency by lack of tuning.

icones 02526What’s the cost of a proper tuning

Often not less than 5% of the lack of efficiency yearly compensated by this proper fine tuning. So, this mission has got a short pay-back for the customers. In 99% of the case the pay-back is close to a few weeks. Furthermore, the fine tuning highlights subcontractors realization faults to be corrected and charged on the sub-contractor himself.

 What’s the duration of such a mission

Often less than 2 weeks for one or 2 peoples of our team, so fast and efficient.