Preliminary Pre-project

APSThat’s the preliminary phase of each project :
This phase is for delimiting the perimeter of the project and defining first solutions axis as suitable.
In this phase, we pre quote the investments and running charges of each solution. 

A technico-economical comparison is issued to allow the project ownership to choose the best solution before detailing it into the next phase here below.

Predetailed project 

This phase is most of the time done next to the preliminary pre-project.
In this phase, we go deeper in the solution’s study which have been chosen by the project ownership.

GTD (General Technical Document)

Che Hein WebThis is the project phase
This phase is for doing the detailed engineering of the solution chosen by the project ownership.
This GTD allow to challenge several subcontractors for quoting the works to be done using a single and unic template form. By the way we can compare item by item each subcontractor quotation.

This document includes :
: general technical description defining the technical caracteristics, sizing, and equipment parts of the installation.
P&IDs schematics : principles schematics of the system.

Works follow up
We can assist or do the installations works follow up with the project ownership in order to match perfectly with the GTD. That’s a king of warranty for the project ownership to get an installation like ordered to the subcontractor.

We can assist or do the final commissionning of the installation ordered to the subcontractor. We verify the technical conformity of this installation to the GTD.
We can also perform a measuring tools based commissionning which validate the final tuning of the installation and its performances/efficiencies.