The project ownership assistance

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The assistance to project ownership mission help our customer to define, operate and drive the project as concerned.

We support our customer who stays the project ownership.

The project ownership assistance eases the project coordination and allows the project ownership to perform the project management perfectly.

We can drive also our customers at any time when they need, in pre-project phase for technical direction choices, investments, or per regulatory constraints.

In this perimeter, we can propose some specific missions :

conseil image SFMaster Plans :
The aim of this mission is to define the long term development strategy (with our customers) of the plants. During this kind of study, we extrapolate the future needs for sizing accurately the utilities. We deduct the impacts on equipments, layouts, investments to be done.

Commissioning :
We can also assist our customers for global commissioning. In this case, we assist our customers for works commissioning.
This assistance can be a pure technical assistance and/or a measurement tool based commissioning in order to validate the global energetic performance and the fine tuning of the installation.