climThe air conditioning is an exigent job because involving process as well as people comfort.

We master perfectly air diffusion process in industry as well as in other building (museum, any public rooms, ….).

We bring our know-how to allow our customers to build up durable installations.

Displacement of the air

deplacement-air-anglaisWith a classic (and basic) air conditioning system, the conditioned air is flushed at high velocity and get mixed with the ambient air. As the result, a high volume of air and pollution is mixed.

Furthermore, this kind of air conditioning obliges treating the whole volume of the conditioned zone.

That’s why it is more suitable to use air displacement systems (by stratification) instead of basical systems.

This concept involves the physical fact which says that the hot air rises up (because lighter) and cold air stays close to the floor.

That means when we diffuse cold air at very low velocity into a zone, it will flow on the floor (like should do some water filling a reservoir) and push up the hot air. By this way, we can only treat a part of the volume of the zone as concerned because that’s often close to the floor the people and machines are.

Being in contact with peoples and process machines, the cold air get hot and so, rises up naturally under the ceiling for being reintroduced into the HVAC unit and being reinjected at the low diffusion point close to the floor.

This method handles the best manner to get both high comfort and 30% power less than with classic air conditioning.